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Creating a digital flagship for the creative agency that's putting their stamp on culture

Strategy, Positioning, Identity, UX/UI Design, Full Stack Development

MGX Creative

is a production company and creative agency that explores today’s culture through bold and stylized storytelling. MGX are known as the minds behind content for artists like Marshmello, Lil Baby, and Snoop Dogg as well as brands like Apple, Adidas, FUJIFILM, and Spotify.

MGX tapped me to create a storytelling-driven website that established their position as a hybrid creative agency with full production services.

Identifying a Niche In The Industry

Most production companies present themselves through a transactional, self-serious lens. I wanted to take a different direction that properly represented MGX and the brand's founders. This led me to the question...

How do I differentiate MGX from their competitors?

Establishing the brand story

I realized that it wouldn't be enough to just feature their (albeit impressive) portfolio. Instead, I designed the MGX home page to feature dynamic components that conveyed the business' unique selling points in less than 60 seconds.

Building interactive case studies

MGX wanted to showcase their multi-year brand partnerships, so I designed interactive case studies that provided viewers with an experience that was both fun and educational. In the backend, the case studies were customizable, making it easy for the MGX team to add and update.

Opportunities for long-form content

MGX is also an emerging force in the documentary space & wanted to highlight their Film/TV work, so we utilized the interactive case study format for their feature length films as well.

As MGX continued to grow, they wanted a page that’d keep their community updated on company milestones.

Creating community engagement

As MGX continued to grow, they wanted a page that’d keep their community updated on company milestones.

"Working with Rosi over the years has always been an amazing experience. She brings true expertise to every project, translating our vision into initiatives that elevate our brand entirely. She’s truly a gem in her field!"

Karam Gill

Founder, MGX Creative