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Designing an online identity for the novelty fitness solution

Brand Strategy, eCommerce Strategy, UX/UI Design, Full Stack Development for Shopify

Have you ever thought about what goes under your workout clothes?

Industry veteran Stacey Hunter founded Quo Active with a mission to get women moving comfortably. After a long career designing activewear intimates for Victoria's Secret, she was confronted with a problem that she knew she could solve: the majority of women don't have intimates that allow them to move freely when breaking a sweat.

Quo's hero product, a revolutionary active thong, sits comfortably under workout clothes and ensures that a great workout won’t guarantee long-lasting discomfort.

An impactful storefront for a powerful product

Inspired by Quo’s partnerships with amazing female athletes, we created a Shopify site that would allow dynamic content to be front-and-center, showing the new possibilities for movement made possible by this new activewear staple.

Replacing copy with content

With any new concept comes a little bit of customer education. Knowing that site visitors wouldn't be likely to read long paragraphs of copy inspired me to create snackable content blocks, which allowed Quo to drive home their product’s differentiators. The same exact content was used in paid media, which created an effective bridge from marketing platforms to the website.

"Quo's active underwear is so genius, you'll wonder how you lived without it".